Welcome to Gymnastics - an activity of Beacon Hill Youth Club Inc.

The program has been developed by Margot Halliday, Level 1 MAG and WAG (mens and womens artistic gymnastics) and is implemented by Oliver Iwakura and his team of coaches.

The gymnastics program is a recreational, non-competitive program for children to have fun, while learning the basics of mens and womens artistic gymnastics.

Children will be grouped according to their ability, so friends/ siblings may not necessarily be together.

Each child will progress at their own rate.

The children will gain strength, flexibilty, co-ordination, fitness and confidence, in a safe and friendly environment.

Combining these elements provides a sound base for any sport.

** come and try is only available inside term and only between Week 1 and Week 7 only and are subject to availabilty **


Classes are 1 hour.

Mondays 4.00pm (mixed class)

Wednesday 4.00pm (girl class)

Thursday 4.00pm (girl class)

Saturday 10.00am and 11.00am (mixed classes)

Come and Try - are subject to availability and only available between Week 1 and Week 7. Send your enquiry by clicking on the 'Come and Try' icon to confirm a suitable time.

Only available during term.


$205 per term (inc GST)

+ $10 Equipment Levy - per CHILD per TERM

+ $8 BHYC Levy - per CHILD per CALENDAR YEAR.

We do offer an advanced 2 hour program (5pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). Enrolment in these programs is at the discretion of our Coaching Team. Please email us for more information

Term Dates 2022
Term 1 - Monday 31st January through to Saturday 9th April 2022
Term 2 - Tuesday 26th April through to Saturday 2nd July 2022
Term 3 - Monday 18th July through to Saturday 24th September 2022
Term 4 - Monday 10th October through to Saturday 17th December 2022


Public Holidays

26th January - Australia Day
15th April - Good Friday

16th April - Easter Saturday
18th April - Easter Monday
25th April - Anzac Day
13th June - Queens Birthday

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